Fire protection paints of structures

Fire protection paints of structures

Expandable (intumescent) represent one of the options how to ensure protection for given base material. Paints contain flame spreading retardants and when exposed to heat they create an expanding layer due to the intumescing effect, which forms a barrier for heat.

When temperature of the paint surface reaches critical value, the surface begins to melt and changes into highly viscose liquid. At the same time, chemical reactions are commenced releasing gases with low thermal conductivity. These gases are trapped inside the liquid with high viscosity (bubbles are formed). The result is the expansion of the paint foam that creates a carbonized protection layer acting as an insulation barrier between the fire and the base material.

Thickness of expanded paint is many times (~50×) greater than the original thickness of cured paint. Since the intumescent paints form this insulation barrier they may be particularly suitable for protection of construction and other structures.



  • low weight compared to other systems 
  • may be applied onto steel, wood, plastic cable distributions
  • aesthetic finish


Setbacks of the system:

  • application must be performed exclusively by professionally qualified installer
  • the intumescent paint must be compatible with the primer and the final paint (if applied)
  • life-cycle can only be estimated (organic-based paints will not be fully functional for the whole time of the building structure lifespan)
  • renewal is laborious and costly – the paint should be applied on places allowing access
  • application in multiple layers


Fire protection for:

  • steel structures
  • concrete structures
  • trapeze sheets


Checks and service of applied fire protection paints we provide as a matter of fact.


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